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Neema Balolebwami Nelly 

I help purpose-driven people with ideas toward entrepreneurship to find the right ways to make differences with success and rapid growth while building smart businesses. Over the past decade, I have gained in-depth experiences in managing multiple projects as well as a lot of insights in business development and marketing.
Coaching has always been my passion, it is my life.


My mission in life is to help entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality,
to grow fast and smart from early starters to continuous makers.
I am committed to help entrepreneurs like you to build businesses in a way that help themselves, the community around and the world at large while supporting the life they love.
I’ve always devoted to my personal and professional development, and
I believe there is a lot to be said for investing in yourself.

Before Success

When I started my business I had fears to succeed, and a lot of doubts that I would not make it. Despite fears, I stayed focused and handed working to build my business . Achieving my dream of using my talents and inspiring people to grow is the reason why I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs. I believe that success comes from determination, hand-on work and smartness.
If you are ready to make your dream comes true but the business part is holding you back, I am here to help.
About me

Founder, business coach, writer, speaker & researcher.

I live in the downtown of Barcelona. I have two Master's degrees in Business Research and Economy Management. I like to travel in different places across the globe to discover cultures, to manage 

different business projects as well as to create values.